Google Goes to Change on Ssl Nepal Phone Number List

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Google Goes to Change on Ssl Nepal Phone Number List

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You should know by now how seriously Google takes security. Google has been working hard on this for several years and wants the web world to be as secure as possible. One Nepal Phone Number List of the biggest recent studies of Google on security is on SSL. As it is known, Google now imposes harsh sanctions on websites that do not use SSL. While the websites that did not use SSL for a while started with , those using it started with . The difference may seem like a simple letter “s” , but this letter “s” stands for “safe” in English . This word Nepal Phone Number List is also “safe” in Turkish .as a response to itself. Google was not satisfied with this and recently added 2 more to its sanctions.

Google now uses SSL certificates as a ranking factor, and a different warning now appears in the address bar for websites that don't use SSL. The change may have made you a Nepal Phone Number List little worried and confused. If you have an SSL certificate, there is no problem for you anyway, don't worry. Again, don't worry if you don't have an SSL certificate. IHS has SSL options suitable for every budget and every website. What's Changing? Google used to make regulations on safe websites and give marks on these sites. But now instead of doing this, it targets untrusted websites and adds the "not safe" warning for these websites to the address bars. With the Chrome 67 version, Google Nepal Phone Number List started to mark "safe" for trusted websites .

With the Chrome 69 version, which will be completely in our lives with September 2018, these security symptoms will disappear and a pale padlock will be displayed in the address bar. chrome-ssl-change After the positive symptoms disappear, it is planned that the negative symptoms Nepal Phone Number List will be more effective on the visitors. Currently, websites that do not already have an SSL certificate will have a bold "not secure" warning in the address bar. However, with Chrome 70, which will enter our lives in October, when you Nepal Phone Number List start typing information on a website, the warning in the address bar will instantly turn red. Here is the image of Google explaining this situation:


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